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Aging Services

Bohse can serve as your liaison to aging networks, professional organizations, and federal and state agencies, as well as provide guidance on senior centers, education and case management, and health and wellness programs.

Bohse can help you develop creative and non-traditional senior services, update your senior services and your senior centers and conduct evaluations. Bohse can also provide you with tools to do your own programming and evaluations.

Pat was part of the production team in creating An Age for Justice, co-produced by NCOA and Witness. An Age for Justice is a short documentary that brings you into the homes of courageous American elders to hear their poignant and real stories about the abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation they have experienced. This intimate story reveals a hidden crisis harming older Americans in every community across the country. By united the voices of abused elders, family members, and experts from across the nation, An Age for Justice brings the issue of elder abuse out of the shadows and asks us to imagine what we would do if someone we knew was a victim of elder abuse and we were in a position to stop it. Please
watch these stories and go to to learn more.

It's no secret that America is graying-one in eight Americans is an older American. Baby Boomers number nearly 77 million, and it is projected that by 2030 the number of people over 65 will soar to more than 71.5 million.

Services for this growing demographic must also increase and the meals and shuffleboard approach still used by many service organizations is outdated and does not address the needs of many aging Americans who still consider themselves vital and active.

Bohse & Associates has three decades of experience and a special expertise in the area of aging services, and can provide you with all the missing pieces to your puzzle of how to serve your constituencies with the most current programs and services. The links below will give you additional information about the depth of services we can provide.

Aging Resources

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Gordon Brinckle
Photo © Kendall Messick

Bohse & Associates is the Association Manager of the NJ Association of Area Agencies on Aging (NJ4A). I have served as the president of this association for the past 3 ½ years. In addition, I am the director of one of the largest AAA’s in the state. I have been able to maintain those positions simultaneously in large part to Pat Bohse. Her excellent focus, attention to detail and organizational skills has been invaluable to me, my staff and the other 20 directors in the state of New Jersey.”

Jaklyn DeVore
Division Director County of Essex, Department of Citizen Services, Division of Senior Services

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