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SCAN (Social Community Activity Network) TV Shows

SCAN produces three television shows for cable viewers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties (NJ):

Pat hosts the Welcome to SCAN monthly TV show, designed to provide the viewer with general information about SCAN, its staff, programs and the services provided. In addition, special guests are invited to discuss topics that are of particular interest to active adults.

Click here to listen to shows on SCAN’s You-Tube channel.

Free, Cheap, Edible: How Non-profits Can Leverage In-kind Donations

Never again pay for computers, software or furniture? It's possible. Businesses have warehouses full of things they no longer need. They may work with donation aggregators who connect non-profits with everything from mattresses to building supplies, from paper goods to polo shirts. Then there are community members willing to donate time, professional services or food.

Developing an in-kind donation program has a two-fold benefit: You get the professional services or the paper products or the software or the clothes you need to run your program and help your clients. You also are able to better communicate the full value of your program and services to donors and funders.

Find out where the free, cheap and edible donations are that can stretch your budget in ways you never imagined.


The 6 C's of Board Development - Cash, Clout, Contacts, Credentials, Community, Commitment

This motivational presentation has been designed to assist Board of Directors of nonprofit agencies in the basic policies and procedures needed to run an effective and efficient organization. The presentation includes an indepth discussion and examples on the key elements that are needed to sustain and grow an organization.


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