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Do you know the history of Halloween?
Halloween can be traced back about 2,000 years to an Oct. 31 Gaelic festival called Samhain , which means "summer's end" in Gaelic. Because ancient records are sparse and fragmentary, the exact nature of Samhain is not fully understood, but it was an annual communal meeting at the end of the harvest year, a time to gather resources for the winter months. There were supernatural and religious aspects to the pagan festival, though nothing that would be considered sinister by modern standards. Samhain was less about death or evil than about the changing of seasons and preparing for the dormancy (and rebirth) of nature as summer turned to winter.

Are you entering a time of dormancy at your organization? Are you thinking about rebirth? Strategic planning is an important activity to understand your organizations key goals and objectives, and how to achieve them. Read our article, Strategic Planning: The Cornerstone of Financial Stability.
If you are considering doing a strategic plan or other board development work, please contact us.

SCAN in the News
One of my hats is serving as the part-time Executive Director of SCAN (Social Community Activities Network,, which is located in the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, NJ. SCAN was recently featured in the County Women magazine. Please take a look at the article to see what we are up too!

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