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Is your budget nothing but bare bones?

The Grant Writing process is enough to drive anyone batty--requests for proposals can seem monstrous to the novice and pro alike!

There are two key aspects to successfully obtaining grants, researching to find the grantors appropriate for your program, and writing the grant itself.

Grant Researching. You will save time and money related to grant seeking by researching prospective corporations, foundations, and government agencies for operating, project, and capital support, and ensuring that they support the types of projects you are requesting for funding. We partner with GrantStation and send out a weekly email with grant seeking opportunities. If you want to receive this email, please send us an email at

Grant Writing. It is important to dissect Requests for Proposals and identify the grantor’s critical needs, the information the grantor is requesting and the timelines associated with the grant request. Here is a list of essential documents required for most grants.

Need guidance? GrantStation has developed Pathfinder, a website designed to help you develop your career path as a grants professional. The Pathfinder library provides profiles on top quality resources in the area of grant research, writing, and management, as well as strategic planning. These resources can strengthen your ability to secure grant awards. Click here to access this great tool.

Avoid jinxes, spells, and evil curses—with thoughtful grant writing, you’ll have more than a ghost of a chance!


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