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Special Projects

Many clients call upon Bohse & Associates to develop and oversee critical projects that cannot be carried out internally due to limited resources or a lack of necessary skill sets. Our proven ability to get to the heart of the project and execute its core components with the highest level of efficiency makes us an attractive outsourcing option.

In addition to our knowledge base, The Bohse Team has a wide network of contacts that include non-profit organizations, corporate entities, and professional associations, as well as state, county, and local government agencies. By leveraging these networks for your organization, we can make things happen more quickly than you ever thought possible.

And, our experience managing diverse associations such as New Jersey Association of Aging Agencies (NJ4A), which consists of the 21 County Offices on Aging and Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of New Jersey gives us the ability to assess your issues and organizational needs with a well-seasoned approach. 

Association Managment
Over the past several years Bohse & Associates has had the opportunity to manage two state-wide associations, NJ Association of Area Agencies on Aging (NJ4A) and Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation of NJ. We took on this role as a result of doing their strategic plans and we found that we were able to help both organizations stay focused on their mission and work towards achieving their vision. We are able to provide this service to other associations as long as we are not responsible for growing membership within the association. We have found that with our resources and connections we are able to open doors of opportunity for the associations.

In New Jersey, over 1,400 Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers work within a network of local, county-based CASA programs to ensure that children in out-of-home placement who are victims of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, or outright abandonment, have a voice in court proceedings that impact their future. Bohse & Associates has worked with CASA of New Jersey for over 4 years, developing their first strategic plan in 2005, and is now in the process of updating the plan as CASA continues to evolve. Bohse has also provided strategic plans and Board development for numerous individual CASA programs statewide.
First Baptist Church
The First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey has pioneered faith-based reform initiatives, including the creation of the First Baptist Community Development Corp., The Renaissance Community Credit Union and the CDC Properties and Housing Company. Bohse & Associates wrote a strategic plan for the CDC incorporating all of its affiliated businesses, and followed up with Board development, program development and fund development over the course of four years. Bohse delivered DiSC® training for staff development and brought in Bohse Associates to create a marketing plan and re-branding plan. Another Bohse Associate developed tools to measure outcomes of programs to assist program managers in reporting and accountability to funders. Bohse & Associates also participated on several committees for capacity building and provided a stabilizing force for fund development efforts.
Princeton Center for Leadership
The Princeton Center for Leadership Training (PCLT) offers participation in a statewide network of peer leadership and character education programs, focused on age-appropriate issues such as cooperative and respectful behavior (elementary schools), substance abuse prevention (middle schools), and transition issues and sexual health (high schools). Their leadership programs for parents improve communication between parents and children. Bohse & Associates helped the PCLT develop their Strategic Plan and a Succession Plan to help the organization transition from its founder’s leadership to an engaged Board of Directors.




"Bohse & Associates have made a measurable impact on our programs in every corner of New Jersey. Pat and her team have helped our State Associate plan for the future and move towards the future. They have also helped improve the capacity of our member agencies through strategic planning, board training and personnel development. Pat's compassion for what we do adds to the knowledge and insights she shares as an expert in non-profit management."

Sue Sedivec, President
Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation
of New Jersey

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