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Board Development

Traditionally, executive directors, Board chairs and Board members have not had a resource with whom they can brainstorm or discuss critical issues that require executive action. Issues of confidentiality and credibility often deter these executives from turning to peers and subordinates for advice.

As a result, many take action without the benefit of an objective input, which can lead to frustration and diminished productivity.

Bohse & Associates can improve the operation and effectiveness of your organization by helping you to execute Board audits and electronic self-assessments, establish advisory councils, facilitate conflict resolution, and by providing a knowledgeable sounding board for any issue arising from the management of your organization.

Our Board of Directors consulting services uses the “BOARD” approach to define management issues and can help you create an effective, efficient, and powerful Board:
Basic Training
Overall Management of the Organization
Authority as Employer
Responsibility (Legal, Fiduciary, Policy, Personnel, Management, Liability, Fundraising)
(Strategic Planning for the Future)

Management Program Assistance
Bohse & Associates has more than three decades of experience in structuring management programs that help non-profit groups succeed. The Bohse Team can assist Board members to become more involved, facilitate the review of organizational structures and create effective internal and external communication programs.

Improving Board / Executive Director Communication
The Bohse Team can assist you by developing a job description for the executive director and by providing evaluation tools and guidance on hiring. Bohse can also act as a facilitator for conflict resolution if there is tension between the executive director, the staff, and the Board.

Board Audits
The Bohse Team has years of experience conducting Board Audits for non-profit organizations. Starting with a review of your bylaws—the instrument that tells the public how you run your business—we determine if they are up to date and reflect who you are and what you are doing now. If not, we can help you with the necessary updates. The Bohse Team also looks at the diversity of the Board (gender, age, ethnic background, skill sets) in relation to the bylaws, mission and vision, and assesses which skills are needed in order for you to do business better. The report produced will show the gaps in your Board composition and skills, and help guide you to make the appropriate choices when recruiting board members or seeking out professional volunteers.

Board Self-Assessments and Surveys
A key responsibility for any Board is to conduct a self-assessment at least once a year. The Bohse Team is uniquely positioned to help you with this recurrent process. Our web-based survey tool gives Board members the anonymity they need to answer questions honestly. Questions can be customized for any organization, using different types of formats (multiple choice, rating scales, drop-down menus, etc.). Bohse provides feedback on survey results in report form and will contact you in advance of your next survey date to help you annualize this process. This survey tool can also be used to tap staff, volunteers, or your general constituency for their ideas and comments.


“Pat and her team are excellent facilitators who provide individualized attention to each project, learning the personalities of all project members in order to follow a project through to a successful end. It is a pleasure to work with the team at Bohse & Associates, who have the expertise to meet deadlines and complete complicated projects on time.  ”

Timothy C. Hearne Jr.
President & CEO
United Way of Monmouth County

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