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Extreme Makeovers

Since 2009, one lucky Monmouth County non-profit agency has been selected to be the recipient of a free "Extreme Makeover" thanks to Bohse & Associates. As Pat Bohse says, "We have been very fortunate; we are still in business, we have a talented team of Associates and Affliates that allow us the breadth and depth over the last 20 plus years of helping hundreds of non-profit agencies grow. This is our way of saying "thank you".

Designed to assist the small service agency in various aspects of non-profit management Extreme Makeover focuses on such things as strategic planning, board development, operations and programs, grant research and writing, fund development, leadership development, marketing, social networking, technology and insurance audits. "We want to help non-profits to do what they do better" Ms. Bohse explains. "Most organizations are experts in the services they provide, but are challenged by the complexities involved in running the business. We can help them, in in doing so, we know we are indisrectly helping all the people they serve."

To apply for a free Extreme Makeover agencies must be based in Monmouth County, hold a 501(c)3 tax status, be in business for at least three years, have at least one paid staff person, an annual budget which does not exceed $3 million dollars, and a staff and Board willing to work with the Bohse team. Extreme Makeover is a seven month process, which begins each May, and runs through December 31. Organization wanting to apply for this opportunity should contact us.

Past Extreme Makeover Recipients

The initial recipient of an Extreme Makeover in 2009 was a soup kitchen and food pantry that Pat had learned about through a Board member who attended the Board Training that Pat provided through the United Way of Monmouth County.  See case study.

The 2010 recipient was Holiday Express, the all-volunteer troupe that brings the holiday spirit to those most in need. Read the article...

The 2011 recipient is the Senior Citizen Activity Network (SCAN), provider of continuing education for adults 50+. We are looking at the aging demographics in Monmouth County, and rethinking the services SCAN provides to the 50+ community. We are working with their Board and developing a fundraising package.

"Bohse & Associates was a great asset in coaching and guiding the Lunch Break staff and Board of Trustees to develop a Strategic Plan to move the organization to the next level, which has positioned the organization for future growth."

Gwen Love
Executive Director, Lunch Break

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